Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Carla Scott

Carla Scott is the Lead Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Administrator with BOCES Professional Learning and Innovation Center. Carla has spent two decades supporting and improving families and communities in Broome County. In her previous role as the Community School Coordinator and now in her current role, Carla works diligently to elevate the voices of students and families while supporting administrators and staff in meeting the changing needs of our community. Carla's efforts continually focus on addressing policies and practices that perpetuate institutional and systemic oppression and racism. She is committed to creating an environment that embraces diversity, strives for equity, and prioritizes inclusion.

Carla earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Development and her Masters of Social Work from Binghamton University. As a certified School District Leader, Carla primarily supports the Binghamton City School District in leading their DEI efforts. 

Contact: Carla Scott

BCSD  Staff Feedback on Implicit Bias PD (PDF)