Culturally Responsive Practices Timeline

Time-line of work dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Fall 2013 – Convocation with Dr. Tyrone Tanner (All faculty and staff)
November 2013 – Culture, Diversity, and Professionalism
NYU Steinhardt School – Technical Assistance engagement with District Equity Task Force Readings
May 2014 - District Diversity Task Force Meets and works with NYU Steinhardt School, establishing District Improvement Plan around diversity and equity.
Directors use Cultural Competency Checklist against all core Curriculum Materials
District affirms commitment to restorative practices and establishes the position of Restorative Practice Coordinator

Summer 2014 – Teaching with Poverty in Mind (Eric Jensen)
September 2014 – Convocation with Dr. Pedro Neguera
December 2014 - District Equity Task Force continues to meet and works with NYU Steinhardt School.
January 2015 - Eric Jensen present to leadership teams - Teaching with Poverty in Mind
March 2015 - District Equity Task Force meets
May 2015 - Members of Diversity Task Force attend Conference at NYU Steinhardt School

June 2015 – Administrators attend a session with Manny Scott, Freedom Writer
Restorative Practice Pilot begins at East Middle School
Summer 2015 - Teaching with Poverty in Mind strategies to SLT as they construct school improvement plans
Summer 2015 - Teaching with Poverty in Mind workshops
Dates and Objectives established for work with NYU Steinhardt School
October 2015 - Youth Mental Health Training Presentation; Restorative Practice Training

June 2016 – Using Restorative Language in the Classroom
Summer 2016 – Restorative Practice Training; Youth Mental Health Training Presentation
Administrative Support for Restorative Practices
Fall 2016 - NYU - Steinhardt works with BHS faculty and staff
April 2017 – Restorative Practice Training

Summer 2017 – Restorative Practice Training continues; session held with Administration
Summer, Fall, and Spring – Youth Mental Health Training Presentation
September 2017 - Wilson Faculty Meeting
Fall 2017 – October, January, and May Poverty Simulations held at High School, Middle School, and Elementary Schools for entire faculty and staff
November 2017 - Restorative Practice Training at BHS
January 2018 – Restorative Practice Training
March 2018 - Tips and Tricks in Teaching in a Trauma-Informed Classroom
May 2018 - Restorative Practice presentation for Mentors

Summer 2018 – 2 additional Restorative Practices Coordinators hired and additional trainings
Summer 2018 – Youth Mental Health Training Presentation
Cultural Competence and Racial Bias – SafeSchools Training (All faculty and staff)
March 2019 – Teaching in a Trauma-Informed Learning Environment; Restorative Practices trainings
April 2019 - Poverty Simulations
June 2019 - District holds community forum for feedback and innovation to support Diversity, School Safety, Relationships, Code of Conduct, and Academics/Arts/Athletics.

All faculty and staff re-new their understanding of implicit bias through SafeSchools training.
Summer 2019 – Training offer to secondary staff on Preventing Long-term Anger and Aggression in Youth (PLAAY)
Summer 2019 – Youth Mental Health Training Presentation: Day 1 and Day 2 of Restorative Practice Training
All staff training continues on restorative practices during fall superintendents conference day
District hires DEI Consultant, Dr. Shanelle Benson-Reid
July 2019 - Journey to Responsiveness (SLT members from each building)
District re-casts District Diversity and Equity Task Force
Fall 2019 D/E Task Force establishes definitions of D/E in Binghamton and develops a list of areas for future study (October 2019, November 2019, January 202020)
October 2019 - Foundations Workshop on Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching (All faculty and staff)
November 2019 - Classroom Management workshop on Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning (select staff from each building)
January 2020 - Jumpstart workshop on CLRT (participants from the November 2019 training from Franklin, Horace Mann, and East Middle School (Cohort #1))
March-May 2020 - Coaching Cohort #1
June – Administrative Retreat with Sharroky Hollie
March 2020 - Poverty Simulation

Summer 2020 – Youth Mental Health Training; Restorative Practices with new faculty: Restorative Practice general session
July 2020 - Special Report ort to the BOE on Equity in BCSD
Fall 2020 - All faculty and staff re-new their understanding of racial bias through SafeSchools training.
Board of Education adopts the resolution, affirming its commitment to anti-racism
District Equity and Diversity Task Force continues to meet, establish 3 working sub-committees: Policy, Hiring and Retention, and District Communications (December 2020; January 2021; April 28, 2021)
January 2021 - Restorative Practice Training
Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning Book Studies are conducted with faculty across buildings
March 2021- Coaching Cycle on Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning with Cohort 2

2021-2022 School Year: Restorative Practices program doubled from two district-wide coaches to four district-wide coaches.
Summer 2020 and Fall 2021: Restorative Practices professional learning offered to all staff focused on Respect Agreements and other strategies.
November 2021-January 2022: Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Book Studies conducted with over 100 faculty across all 10 buildings.
Cultural Behavior Tutorials accessible to all 10 buildings.
January 2022: Aligning PBIS with Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning workshop offered to Behavioral Task Force.