Parents and Children Together (PACT) is an award winning program and a Blue Ribbon Affiliate since October 2019.

To meet the needs of families since Covid-19, PACT offers virtual and telecommunication personal visits.

The PACT Program is a voluntary parent education program offered through Binghamton school district, serving families who are expecting a child or have children through kindergarten completion. PACT helps to establish positive partnerships between home, school and the community and plays a vital role in supporting families and children from the very beginning toward school readiness.

A trained parent educator provides personal visits with families to promote early learning, knowledge and understanding of important developmental milestones. Periodic screenings increase parents’ understanding of their children’s developmental progress, as well as inform them of any possible delays. Early intervention for identified concerns helps improve school readiness for young children.

This early childhood program is designed to offer regularly scheduled family personal visits, annual developmental screenings, monthly group connections and access to a network of resources. These components are integral in supporting and preparing children, families, schools and communities toward school readiness.

Contact The PACT office at 607-762-8144 or 607-762-8197 for referral or enrollment information.




262 Conklin Avenue
Binghamton, NY 13903 

Mary Ellen Lollie 

PACT Program Manager

Cre Yeomans 
PACT Certified Parent Educator

Tara D Yeomans 

PACT Certified Parent Educator

Andrea Pellicciotti 
PACT Certified Parent Educator Thea ArnoldPACT Certified Parent

Lisa PalmiterPACT Certified Parent Educator