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BCSD employees with perfect attendance in 2015-16 recognized
BCSD employees with perfect attendance during the 2015-2016 school year were recognized by members of the board of education and the central administration team at a celebration event held afterschool at Columbus School on November 29th.

Many thanks to the following for their commitment to BCSD and our mission.

Linda Ames
Dyan Andrew
Damaris Baez
Marjorie Baldwin
Lori Bass-Brown
Deborah Battaglia
Patricia Bezek
Patricia Boorom
Adana Brauer
Eva Clancy
Clarisse Coates
Jacqueline Coleman
Glenna Coutts
Judith Dadamio
Virginia Dennison
Angelina Donovan
Robert Drea
Daniel Dunlap
James Fabrizi
Judith Ficarro
Ruth Fisher
Stephen Giannini
Susan Gilroy
Harry Ginty
Cheryl Goodrich
Diane Guidici
Lisa Harlost
Kevin Hartrick
Michael Holly
Lillian Johnson
Melody Johnson
Tracy Jones-Miller
Kelley Kane
Lawrence Kassan
Nang Khai
Arthur Kocijanski
Andrew Kollar
Mario Lisi
Leigh Long
John Matyas
Marissa McNamara
Daniel Miller
James Miller
Timothy Miller
Angela Mion
Suzanne Northrop
Amy Nugent
Virginia Ousterout
Irene Parsons
Kevin Pendergast
Christopher Perry
Gail Rafferty
Rebecca Shantillo
Jacquelyn Shea
Gail Sweeney
Donna Tucker
Clara Walker
Kristen Walter
Laura Warwick
Judith Wetsig
Cheryl White
Jerusha Wirth
Tammy Woody
Mary-Anne Yacaginsky
Diana Yevchinecz
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