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BHS Sophomore Performs with Binghamton Youth Symphony Orchestra

The Binghamton Youth Symphony conducts an annual competition to choose soloists to perform with the Symphony Orchestra at the annual Winter Concert held in January each year. The soloists must be members of the Binghamton Youth Symphony Orchestra. The concerto soloists are chosen by audition in an annual competition held within several weeks of the beginning of rehearsals in September of every year. Being selected as a soloist has been both a goal for musicians to work toward, and a reward for their quality and dedication. Sophia Klin, BHS sophomore was selected to perform.


Sophia has been playing the violin for 10 years. Sophia began playing in 2006 after hearing a friend play the violin at a preschool show-and-tell. In fourth grade, she discovered the school music community and found a new love for music, joining the Binghamton Youth Symphony and learning to play the tuba. Sophia has been with the Youth Symphony for 6 years. She is a member the Binghamton High School Orchestra and the school's string quartet. She has played in All-County and Area All State orchestras for several years, and was Area All State Concertmaster in 2014 and 2015. She was the STMTA middle-school strings winner in 2015, and runner-up in the concerto competition for the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes in 2016. Sophia also regularly plays violin in theater productions, both in school and in the community. Outside of classical violin, Sophia plays the tuba and the steel drums, sings in chorus, and is a klezmer music enthusiast.

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