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Building for the Future: BCSD Capital Vote on Dec. 5

Just as with any house, our school buildings require maintenance and, eventually, things must be replaced, updated or rebuilt. Many of our buildings were constructed in the 1950s and, with more than 5,500 students in 10 buildings, maintaining the infrastructure is an important part of providing a safe environment to educate, empower and challenge our students. The capital project will affect every building in the district, with the exception of MacArthur. The project will be funded by state aid and capital reserves, so there will be NO impact on the local tax levy.

There is no one major building or renovation project in this package, but rather a collection of upgrades and renovations in each building impacting things such as lighting, learning spaces, windows, computer networking infrastructure and signage to name a few. In general, there will be improvements made in the following categories: safety and security, building infrastructure, learning environment and information technology.

In early 2017, the capital committee met with the architect and construction advisor to review the five-year plan for facility improvements. Each building was toured and the group reviewed the systems that require replacement as well as the academic program needs of the district. Items were prioritized and selected for presentation to the board of education according to their overall importance and cost effectiveness. Upon review by the board of education, approval was granted to bring the projects described in this document to the public for a vote on Dec. 5, 2017.

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