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BCSD Employees Recognized for Dedicated Service

Tonia Thompson shakes David Hawley's hand

Yesterday, nearly 50 Binghamton City School District employees were recognized for their dedicated service. Sixteen employees were honored for serving 20 years with the district. The ceremony also celebrated 27 retirees.

David Hawley, the board of education president was also honored for giving 22 years of dedicated service to the district. He has not only served as a board member, but he has been an Odyssey of the Mind judge for 12 years, an active member of the PTA and high school booster club and for 20 years he has been a chaperone at the post prom party. His board service has been demonstrated through innovation as an advocate and supporter when the district adopted the International Baccalaureate Program, Mandarin Language Program, Rod Serling School of Fine Arts and the building of MacArthur School. Hawley also served as a member of the Small City School Association. Many thanks to David Hawley for his dedication to the BCSD.

During the ceremony, Steve Deinhardt and Joyce Westgate were also recognized for the outstanding work they did in this past year serving and assisting in the stabilization of the school community.


Audrey Basler

Patricia Boorom

Christine Brown

Barbara Byrne

Alfred Castelli

Linda Chaffee

Patricia Chirumbolo

Dale Cook

Sally Crossley

Olin Fellows

Joyce Giannone

Harry Ginty

Mary Grassi

Renae Gutosky

Rose Hampton

Ellen Hancock-Berti

James Holcomb

Andrew Kollar

Barbara McLean

Suzanne Northrop

Roxie Oberg

Virginia Ousterout

Nancy Sturdevant

Gail Sweeny

Mary Kay Torrico

Donna Tucker

Richard Wheeler

20 Years

Kristine Battaglino

Elizabeth Haus

Theodore Loomis

Lana Foster

Melissa Tingley

Angela Mion

Marianne Fabrizi

Tonia Lisi

Timothy Lee

Debra Petrosky

Kathy Shatara

Kristin Ruffo

Bonnie Hrebin

Theresa Lee

Leslie Jensen

Lori MacLennan

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