BCSD is 'National Model' for PLAAY Program

BCSD is 'National Model' for PLAAY Program
Posted on 06/12/2019
Binghamton City School District’s PLAAY (or Preventing Long Term Anger and Aggression in Youth) program is making a tremendous impact in the lives of students and staff by combining athletics with cultural awareness. The important work being done in Binghamton has caught the attention of Dr. Howard Stevenson, the original developer of PLAAY. Colleagues of Dr. Stevenson from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (or SAMHSA) paid a visit to the district in May to gain a first-hand understanding of our PLAAY program.
The goal of the two-day visit was to learn about the strengths and needs of Binghamton students, families and the community. BCSD’s PLAAY program, which uses sports as a foundation to teach anger management and coping skills, is based off the original model developed by Dr. Stevenson of the University of Philadelphia. However, the district has put a unique spin on the program, incorporating some new components which sparked the interest of Dr. Stevenson and his team of researchers.
PLAAY was originally developed specifically for male students. Binghamton has taken it a step further by opening up the program to female students, as well. Another added component of the BCSD program, overseen by BHS teacher and football coach Mike Ramil, is the mentorship aspect. The mentees in the program are students from East and West middle schools, and the mentors are students from the high school. The mentees are able to turn to their mentors, who receive payment for participating in the program, for advice, comradery and support.
Roslyn Holliday Moore, one of the visitors from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, was impressed with the district’s approach and looks forward to continuing to observe the progress being realized through BCSD’s PLAAY program. The group is also interested in learning how they can align resources and activities to support the work being done in the district.
Moving forward, data collection is a priority in order to sustain and expand this fantastic program. Data that demonstrates the positive outcomes and measurable growth experienced by program participants will be extremely useful as the district pursues opportunities for funding to support PLAAY.
The district looks forward to opening this program up to elementary school students in the 2019-2020 school year!
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