NYS announces new accountability designations

NYS announces new accountability designations
Posted on 03/03/2019
The New York State Education Department has recently announced district and school accountability determinations as required by the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This year determinations were made using new accountability indicators. Under the new system, which replaces No Child Left Behind, every school in the state receives one of three designations based on the performance of students both overall and by subgroup.
There are three designations:
• Good Standing
• Targeted Support and Interventions (TSI)
• Comprehensive Support and Intervention (CSI)
This year the Binghamton City School District is pleased to share that Thomas Jefferson and Horace Mann Elementary are among the state’s list of schools in Good Standing.
“This is excellent news for these schools. As a district, we are incredibly proud of their performance,” Tonia Thompson, Superintendent of Schools, said. “The progress our schools are making is reflected in the hard work of our students and the entire school community. The resources and our faculty’s dedication to address academic achievement and social emotional learning is making a difference in moving all of our students forward.”
Six of our schools were identified for the next level on the tiered system as TSI schools: Binghamton High School, West Middle School, East Middle School, MacArthur, Coolidge and Wilson. A school can be identified as TSI if one or more of its student subgroups performs poorly on a combination of the new indicators.
The six TSI schools are developing education plans in response to school data and identified needs. The process will engage parents, staff and students. To exit TSI status a school must demonstrate improvement for two consecutive years in the composite performance index and growth or graduation index.
“Our schools with TSI designation have an understanding of where improvement is needed, and are receiving support and interventions that are tailored to those specific needs,” Thompson said. “Sub-groups are defined by ability, English language proficiency, economic status and race. Our dedicated faculty look at the data as representative of both the sub-groups it represents as well as the individual students so that inclusion in any identified sub-group is not a predictor of a student’s success.”
This year, Roosevelt and Franklin Elementary School were designated as CSI schools. Schools identified as CSI schools will receive more intense guidance, training and support. A team and school lead will be guiding the improvement process. Site visits will be scheduled, a needs assessment conducted and recommendations provided. Parents, staff and students will be engaged as part of the improvement process.
A public meeting, discussing the performance of Franklin Elementary and the concept of receivership took place on Feb. 13. A community engagement team will be established to participate in the development of recommendations for improvement.
To exit CSI status, these schools must- for two consecutive years- rise about the levels that cause the CSI status.
“The Binghamton City School District continues to work to ensure that all students are educated, empowered and challenged,” said Thompson. “With the additional support from the New York State Education Department I know we can provide educational equity for all students. I am working with our school principals on multiple strategies to increase student achievement and education equity for all students. The district continues to be short more than a million dollars in Foundation Aid, which would go a long way is supporting closing achievement gaps.”
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