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Volunteer/Mentor Opportunities at BCSD
Join the Binghamton City School District!
When you become part of the BCSD team, you'll be working with all of us to make a difference in the lives and the futures of Binghamton's children. Be the difference by supporting our mission:  "Educating, empowering and challenging all students to become productive, global citizens through innovative approches to learning".
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The Binghamton City School District welcomes those interested in volunteering or mentoring. This is a wonderful opportunity to positively influence our students and make a difference in their lives. Please complete the Volunteer/Mentor Application (link to the right) and return to our Mentor NOW Coordinator, Mary Ann Dorner. 

Q: What is the time commitment required to be a mentor?
A: Mentors meet with their mentees one hour a week, on the same day at the same time each week for the entire school year.
Q: Does a mentor get to work with the same student each time?
A: Yes, the mentors work with one mentee the entire year, with the hopes that the mentor will continue with the same mentee as he/she moves up in grades.
Q: What activities do mentors and mentees participate in?
A: The program is primarily to provide a positive influence for the student’s social and emotional well-being. What a mentor does with a student is mentee-driven. A mentor and mentee could play board games, draw, do a puzzle, talk, read, etc together… This program is typically not for the mentor to help the mentee with their homework, however, this may be done if both wish to spend the time doing school work.
Q: Can I take my mentee off of school grounds?
A: No. There is one assigned room within the school for all of the mentors and mentees to meet each week.
Q: Can I choose the school I want to mentor at?
A: Yes, a mentor will be able to pick the day/building that they would like to mentor at.
Q: How do I apply to be a mentor?
A: First, you need to fill out a BCSD application and send it to the coordinator. The applications can be found at on the right hand navigation bar on this page. Once the application has been received, you will be contacted to schedule an interview and a one-hour training session. All mentors need to schedule a FREE appointment for fingerprinting.
Q: How do I schedule fingerprinting?
A: Call IdentoGO at 1-877-472-6915 and give the ORI, Agency ID and NY Mentor numbers to schedule your FREE appointment.
ORI # NY922130Z
Agency ID # NYM00048
NY Mentor #286
Fingerprinting is done at Evolution Consulting, LLC in the Metro Center at 49 Court St. #3 in Binghamton. Applicants must bring a photo ID with them.
Any other questions, please contact: Mary Ann Dorner 762-8100 ext 313 dornerm@binghamtonschools.org
Mentor Program
Mary Ann Dorner
Mentor NOW Coordinator
Christopher Columbus School 
164 Hawley Street
Binghamton, NY 13901
Phone: (607) 762-8100 ext: 313
Fax: (607) 762-8110
Attn: Mary Ann
Click the link above to download the Policy. Print out and keep on file for reference.
Click the link above to download the application. Fill out and return to us.
Student Teacher / Field Placment
[Please mail Volunteer/Mentor Application and all other materials to Mary Ann Dorner, Mentor NOW Coordinator]

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