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Strategies for Visual Learners
Compiled by Jennifer Gardner & Lisa Schlegel

Source: Beninghof, A. (2006). Engage ALL Students Through Differentiation. Crystal Springs Books.
This strategy is an alternative to traditional note taking. Simple symbolic drawing are used to summarize important information sequentially for later recall. The PDF gives 3 contexts in which this might be used, a rationale, and "How To"
Help Students Find Answers with Grabbers: Directions in this PDF can be adapted for SMART Notebook format. Teachers can create transparent geometric shapes or shapes appropriate for content of different colors that students use to "grab" the correct answer on the SMARTBoard. This also supports Kinesthetic learners.
Creating work masks improves visual focus for students. They cover a portion of material to allow the student to focus on the important information a little at a time. This PDF includes Rationale, "How To", and variations for use.
USe this strategy to stimulate brain response while reading longer texts. This PDF includes "How To" and more ideas to improve student attention to detail.
This strategy color codes peer feedback to include both positive remarks and critical comments to promote thinking like a reader and a writer. This PDF includes Materials, How To, Variations, and Tips.
A Twist on the Note-taking T Chart to include illustrations and a summary statement. PDF includes How To and variations on using the strategy.
This strategy supports active participation in literature circles for students who struggle during discussion and English Language Learners. The PDF provides instructions on how to use the strategy, variations, and a reproducible sheet for student use.
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