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Unit 9: Imperialism and WWI
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 Unit Understanding Goals
  • What motivated American imperialism?
  • How were American presidents similar and/or different in their policies toward Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific?
  • Why did the United States eventually abandon neutrality and enter World War I?
  • How did the U.S. government ensure support for the war effort?
  • Why did the U.S. Senate reject the Treaty of Versailles? 
Lesson #1 Overview of Imperialism (3/27)

UG: Why did Americans support imperialism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
                   U.S. Expansion Chart 
HW: None 
Lesson #2 Causes of the Spanish American War (3/28)

UG: What were the causes of the Spanish American war?
                   Causes of the Spanish American War Notes
                   Yellow Journalism Examples

Lesson #3 Effects of the Spanish American War (3/31)

UG: What were the effects of the Spanish American War?
                   American Expansion Chart
                   Results of the Spanish American War
HW: Vocabulary Cards (yellow journalism, imperialism, Spanish American War, Hawaii Annexation) and start Imperialism Study Guide

Lesson #4 Presidential Foreign Policies (4/1)

UG: How did American presidents in the early 1900s vary in their foreign policies toward Latin America and the Pacific?
HW: Finish Imperialism Study Guide and complete Vocabulary Cards (Roosevelt Corollary, Dollar Diplomacy, Open Door Policy)

Lesson #5 U.S. Enters WWI (4/2)

UG: Why did the U.S. reverse its policy of neutrality and eventually enter WWI in 1917?
HW: Finish Vocabulary Cards 

Lesson #6 Manufacturing Consent (4/3)

UG: How did the government encourage Americans to go along with WWI?
HW: Use "The Home Front" Textbook Reading to complete Guided Reading "The Homefront" (pg. 14)

Lesson #7 The Home Front (4/4) 

UG: What economic, political, and social changes did WWI bring to the United States?
HW: Finish Vocabulary Cards 

Lesson #8 Treaty of Versailles (4/7)

UG: Why did the Senate fail to ratify the Treaty of Versailles?
HW: Complete WWI Study Guide

Lesson #9 Imperialism and WWI Exam (4/8)

UG: To assess students understanding of unit skills and concepts.
HW: None 
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