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Unit 8: The Progressive Era
201392623112526_image.jpg image Unit 8 Understanding Goals

  • What problems did "muckrakers" expose in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
  • What reforms were enacted during the Progressive Era?
  • How were the policies of the Progressive Presidents both similar and different?
  • Did divisions between women's suffrage groups help or hinder the movement's success?

Unit 8 Vocabulary
Lesson #1 Muckrakers 

UG: Who were the muckrakers? What types of issues did they expose?
                   The Jungle Excerpt
                   Muckrakers Chart
HW: Complete vocabulary cards for Progressive Era, Muckraker, The Jungle 
Lesson #2 Theodore Roosevelt (3/10)

UG: How did Theodore Roosevelt change the role of the federal government in general and the president in particular?
HW: Read and Outline pp. 574-579. Take notes using the informal outline on pgs. 8-9 of your packet.
Lesson #3 Progressive Presidents (3/11)

UG: How were the policies of Presidents Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson similar and different?
                   List of items for Venn Diagram
HW: Complete the following vocabulary cards....Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, 17th Amendment, progressive (graduated) income tax, Federal Reserve Act, Pure Food & Drug Act, Meat Inspection Act, direct primary election, initiative, referendum, recall election 
Lesson #4 Progressive Reforms (3/12)

UG: What reforms did federal and state governments enact during the Progressive Era?
                   Progressive Reforms Chart
HW: None 
Lesson #5 Progressive Reforms (3/13)

UG: What reforms did federal and state governments enact during the Progressive Era?
Materials: Bingo Sheets
HW: None
Lesson #6 The Women's Suffrage Movement (3/17-3/20)

UG: Did divisions in the Women's Rights Movement help or hinder the movement's progress?
                   Iron Jawed Angels Video Worksheet
                   Iron Jawed Angels Student Readings
HW: Finish Iron Jawed Angels Video Worksheet and Reading for Tuesday 3/18 
Lesson #7 African American Leaders in Conflict (3/21)

UG: What are the similarities and differences in the agendas of Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois and Marcus Garvey?
                   "Three Visions for African Americans" Questions
                    Visions for African Americans Venn Diagram
                    Statements for Venn Diagram 
HW: Finish the Venn Diagram and finish all vocabulary cards 
Lesson #8 DBQ Workshop (3/24-3/25)

UG: What strategies can I use when writing a DBQ?
                   DBQ Organizer
                   Progressive Era DBQ 
HW: Complete DBQ documents for 3/25 and be prepared to work on DBQ in class on 3/25. Progressive Era Study Guide and Packet Due on Wednesday 3/26. DBQ due on Thursday 3/27.
Lesson #9 Progressive Era Exam (3/26)

UG: To assess students' understanding of unit concepts and skills.
Materials: Unit Exam
HW: None
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