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Unit 7: The Gilded Age
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Unit Understanding Goals 
Why was the late nineteenth century called the Gilded Age?
Why did political machines emerge during the late nineteenth century?
How can we effectively interpret political cartoons?
What problems did farmers have during the late nineteenth century?
How did farmers attempt to solve those problems? 
Lesson #1 Immigration Overview (2/25-2/26)

UG: How did U.S. immigration policies affect First, Second, and Third Wave immigrants?
                   Immigration Questions 
HW: Complete the vocab cards Open Immigration, Chinese Exclusion Act, Gentlemen’s Agreement, Quota Acts, Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965, nativism 
Lesson #2 Immigration Adaptation (2/27)

UG: How did immigrants adapt to their new cultures?
                   Local Immigration Charts
                   Local Immigration Information
                   Map of Binghamton 
HW: Vocabulary Cards assimilation, melting pot, cultural pluralism 
Lesson #3 Urban Problems (2/28)

UG: What problems did cities face in the 1800s?
HW: Complete the Jane Addams reading on pg. 10 
Lesson #4 Political Machines Simulation (3/3)

UG: What role did political machines play in cities during the Gilded Age?
HW: Finish Vocabulary Cards 
Lesson #5 Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall (3/4)

UG: What factors were responsible for the rise and fall of political machines such as Tammany Hall during the Gilded Age?
                   Boss Tweed Political Cartoons
HW: Complete Gilded Age Study Guide 
Lesson #6 Populism (3/5)

UG: What problems were farmers facing during the late 1800's and how did they attempt to solve those problems?
HW: Answer questions about the Rise and Fall of the Populist Party Documents on pgs. 15 and 16 of the packet.
Lesson #7 Unit 7 Exam

UG: To assess students' understanding of Unit 7 skills and concepts.
Materials: Unit 7 Exam
HW: None 
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