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Unit 5: Reconstruction and Westward Expansion
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Unit 5 Understanding Goals
  • How successful was Reconstruction in bringing about political, social, and economic changes in the South?
  • How did Southern States limit the rights of African Americans during the Jim Crow period?
  • How did the Federal government encourage westward expansion in the second half of the nineteenth century?

 General Resources

    Vocabulary Flash Cards: Reconstruction & Westward Expansion
Lesson #1: Competing Plans for Reconstruction

UG: How did the Reconstruction plans of Lincoln, Johnson and the Radical Republicans differ?
                   List of Items for Venn Diagram 
HW: Complete Vocabulary Cards Reconstruction, Freedmen's Bureau, 13th Amendment, 14th Amendment, 15th Amendment and 10 Percent Plan
Lesson #2 Impeachment of Andrew Johnson (1/14) 

UG: Should Andrew Johnson have been impeached?
HW: Complete Vocabulary Cards Andrew Johnson, Radical Republicans, and finish questions at the end of the Impeachment Article 
Lesson #3 Reconstruction Station Activity (1/15-1/16) 

UG: To what extent did Reconstruction improve the status of African Americans in the South?
                    Station #1 Political Change   
                    Station #2: Equal Rights
                    Station #3: Economic Change
                    Station #4: Assisting Freedmen 
HW: Complete vocabulary cards sharecropping and Ku Klux Klan 
Lesson #4 The End of Reconstruction (1/17) 

UG: Why did Reconstruction end?
HW: Work on Midterm Study Guide (Due Wednesday) 
Lesson #5 The Jim Crow South (1/21) 

UG: How did African Americans lose some of their newly gained rights during the Jim Crow era?
                   Politics in the Jim Crow South
                   Economics in the Jim Crow South
                   Jim Crow Laws
                   Ku Klux Klan
Vocabulary: Compromise of 1877, Black Codes, Literacy tests, segregation, Plessy v. Ferguson, Jim Crow
HW: Reconstruction Study Guide (pg. 10-11) 
Lesson #6 Midterm Review and Exam (1/22-1/24) 

UG: To review and assess students' skills and understanding of course materials thus far.
                Midterm Study Guide 
HW: Complete Midterm Review Sheet and Reconstruction Study Guide 
Lesson #7 The Transcontinental Railroad (1/31)

UG: How did the coming of the railroad affect the settlement of the American West?
HW: Read "A Cold Death" and answer the corresponding questions 
Lesson #8 Native American Removal (2/3) 

UG: How did the Federal government's policies toward Native American evolve over the course of the 1800s?
Vocabulary: assimilation, Wounded Knee, Dawes Act
 HW: Read your assigned part for tomorrow's role playing activity.
Lesson #9 The West Role Play Activity (2/4) 

UG: Was the West a land of opportunity?
Vocabulary: Homestead Act, 49ers, Exodusters
                Exodusters Reading
                The Chinese in the West Text
                The Chinese in the West Documents 
                Cowboys and Ranchers Documents
                Cowboys and Ranchers Text
                Homesteaders Text
                Homesteaders Documents
                Mexican Americans Text
                Mexican Americans Documents
                Miners reading
                Native Americans Reading 
                Westward Role Play Chart 
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