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Unit 4 The Civil War

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                         Henry Clay Presenting the Compromise of 1850 to the Senate.

Unit Understanding Goals
What caused the Civil War?
How did the Union and the Confederacy each design strategies around their unique strengths and weaknesses?
How did the combination of new weapons and old tactics contribute to the destruction brought about by the Civil War?                
How can I write stronger thematic essays? 
Lesson #1 Slavery (12/11-12/12)

UG: How do I interpret qualitative and quantitative evidence to gain information from historical documents? 
                   Perspectives on Slavery Charts
                   Perspectives on Slavery Questions 
HW: None 
Lesson #2 Sectionalism (12/13)

UG: Was sectionalism a myth or reality?
                   U.S. in the 1860s Maps
Lesson #3 Causes of the Civil War  (12/16-12/18) 

UG: What were the causes of the Civil War?
Materials: Use the PowerPoint on the Causes of the Civil War below to complete the Causes of the Civil War Chart and the Map Activity
HW: Complete the following vocabulary cards: Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850, Fugitive Slave Act, Underground Railroad, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Bleeding Kansas, Dred Scott v. Sanford, the Election of 1860, popular sovereignty, John Brown’s Raid 
Lesson #4 Thematic Essay (12/19-12/20)

UG: How do I write a thematic essay?
                   Civil War Thematic Essay Guide 
HW: Thematic Essay and outline are due on Friday (12/20)
Lesson #5 The Civil War (1/6)

UG: What were the advantages of the North and the South?
Vocabulary: secession, The Union, The Confederacy, Fort Sumter
                    Resources and Strategies Notes
                    Battles of the Civil War Map  
Homework: "What was the Civil War About" on pgs. 9 and 10 and answer questions
Lesson #6 Turning Points of the Civil War (1/8) 

UG: What were the major turning points of the Civil War?
Vocabulary: Emancipation Proclamation
                   Major Battles of the Civil War Chart
HW: Complete the Civil War Study Guide
Lesson #7 Civil War Review (1/9)

UG: To review Unit 4 skills and concepts
HW: Study for test tomorrow 
Lesson #8 Civil War Exam (1/10) 

UG: To assess Unit 4 concepts and skills
Materials: Unit Exam
HW: None 
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