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Unit 3: The Early Republic

2013926144411251_image.jpg image Unit Understanding Goals

What issues divided the followers of Alexander Hamilton from those of Thomas Jefferson?
How did Andrew Jackson change American politics?
Was U.S. the territorial expansion of the early 1800s justified?
How can we analyze political cartoons?

General Resources:

Unit 3 Vocabulary
 Lesson #1 The Washington Presidency 

UG: What historical precedents did George Washington set for the Presidency?
Vocabulary: Washington's Farewell Address, Isolationism
                   Washington's Presidency Note Page
                   Washington's Farewell Address 
Lesson #2 Hamilton v. Jefferson 

UG: How did the political philosophies of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton differ?
Vocabulary: Loose Constructionist, Strict Constructionist, Federalist, Democratic-Republican
                   The First Party System Overview and Chart
                   Hamilton and Jefferson Venn Diagram 
Lesson #3 The Marshall Court

UG: Why was McCulloch v. Maryland significant?
Vocabulary: John Marshall, McCulloch v. Maryland, Marbury v. Madison
Lesson # 4 Early Foreign Policy

UG: What major issues affected the United States in the early 1800s?
                   Louisiana Purchase Video Questions
Lesson #5 The Monroe Doctrine

UG: What is the Monroe Doctrine?
Materials: Monroe Doctrine Reading and Questions 
Lesson # 7 The Jackson Presidency 

UG: How did American politics change during the Presidency of Andrew Jackson?
Lesson #6 Reform Movements

UG: What aspects of American Society did Americans want to change in the early 1800s?
Materials: Reforms Station Activity
                     Evangelical Christians
                     Public Education
                     Prison and Asylum Reform
                     Women's Rights
               Early Reform Movements Chart
Lesson #8 Trail of Tears

UG: How effectively did the Cherokee deal with white encroachment?
Materials: Cherokee Assimilation Photograph #1                    
                   Cherokee Assimilation Photograph #2
Lesson #9 Manifest Destiny

UG: Was the concept of Manifest Destiny an adequate justification for American expansion in the early 1800s?
                    Manifest Destiny Documents
                   Growth of the United States Chart
                   Growth of the United States Map
Lesson #10 Review 

UG: To review Unit 3 skills and concepts
Lesson #11 Early Republic Exam

UG: To assess Unit 3 skills and concepts
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