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Unit 13: Regents Review
201461011389760_image.jpg image Unit Understanding Goal

How can we maximize our scores on the U.S. History and Government Regents Exam?

Lesson #1 Timeline  (6/2)

HW: Read pgs. 2-7 in Red Packet, Answer questions on pgs. 2-4 in Blue Packet
Lesson # 2 Colonial America to Constitution Review Materials (6/3)

HW: Read pgs. 8-16 in Red Packet, Answer questions on pgs. 7-9 in Blue Packet
Lesson #3 Government and Supreme Court (6/4) 

HW: Read pgs. 19-22 in Red Packet, Answer questions on pgs. 12-13 in Blue Packet
Formation of Government Multiple Choice 
Supreme Court Multiple Choice
Lesson #4 The Early Republic (6/5) 

HW: Read Pgs. 24-30 in Red Packet, Answer questions on pgs. 19-27 in Blue Packet
Federalist Era Multiple Choice
Age of Jackson Multiple Choice
Westward Expansion Multiple Choice 
Lesson #5 Civil War and Reconstruction (6/6) 

HW: Read Pgs. 32-39 in Red Packet, Answer questions on pgs. 28-30 in Blue Packet
Civil War Multiple Choice 
Reconstruction Multiple Choice 

Lesson #6 Industrialization and Gilded Age Review (6/9)  
HW: Read Pgs. 40-47 in Red Packet, Answer questions on pgs. 33-35 in Blue Packet
Gilded Age Multiple Choice  
Populist Movement Practice Multiple Choice 
Immigration Practice Multiple Choice
Lesson #7 Progressive Era Review (6/10) 

HW: Read Red Packet Pgs. 48-55, Answer questions on pgs. 38-42 in Blue Packet
Lesson #8 Imperialism and WWI Review (6/11) 

HW: Read Red Packet Pgs. 56-64, Answer questions on pgs. 45-47 in Blue Packet 
American Imperialism Practice Multiple Choice 
WWI Practice Multiple Choice 
Lesson #9 The 1920s and the 1930s (6/12) 

HW: Answer questions on pgs. 50-58 of Blue Packet
Roaring 20s Practice Multiple Choice 
Great Depression and New Deal Practice Multiple Choice 
Lesson #1: Diagnostic Regents Exam
Lesson #2: Review of Colonial & Revolutionary America
Lesson #3: Government
Lesson #4: Issues in the Early 19th Century
Lesson 5: The Civil War, Reconstruction, Westward Expansion
Lesson #6: Industrialization and the Gilded Age
Lesson #8: The Progressive Era
Lesson #10: Imperialism & World War I Review
Lesson #11: The Twenties and Thirties
Lesson #12: Exam Tips
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