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Unit 11: World War II and The Cold War

Understanding Goals

  • Why did the United States abandon its neutrality and enter World War II?
  • How successful were American military strategies during World War II and the Cold War?
  • What social and economic changes did World War II bring to the United States
  • Why did the Cold War begin after World War II?
  • How successful was the American foreign policy of "containment" during the early Cold War?
Lesson #1 From Isolation to War (4/30) 

UG: How did American foreign policy change over the course of the 1930s?
HW: Read FDR's "Declaration of War" Speech on pg. 3-4 and answer the questions
Lesson #2 Japanese Internment (5/1) 

UG: Was the U.S.justified in interning Japanese-Americans during WWII?
HW: Read Viewpoints on the Atomic Bomb (pgs. 12-13) and answer the questions on pg. 14
Lesson #3 Yalta (5/2)

UG: What issues were the allies facing at the end of WWII?
HW:  Complete the WWII Study Guide on pgs. 16-17
Lesson #4 Decision to Drop the Atom Bomb (5/5)

UG: Should the U.S. have dropped two atomic bombs on Japan at the conclusion of WWII?
HW: Complete the following vocabulary cards: Cash and Carry Policy, Neutrality Acts, Lend-Lease Act, Korematsu v. United States, D-Day, Nuremberg Trials, United Nations
Lesson #5 American Postwar Internationalism (5/6)

UG: What impact did World War II have on international relations?
HW: None
Lesson #6 Containment (5/7) 

UG: How effective was the policy of containment between 1945 and 1950?
HW: Complete the following vocabulary cards: Containment, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Berlin Airlift, collective security, NATO, Warsaw Pact
Lesson #7 The Korean War (5/8)

UG: Did the United States achieve its objective in the Korean War?
HW: None
Lesson #8 The Cold War at Home (5/9)

UG: How did the Cold War impact everyday Americans? 
HW: Answer questions 1-9 on the Cold War Study Guide
Lesson #9 Postwar Domestic Issues (5/12) 

UG: What social, political, and economic changes occurred in the United States between 1945 and 1960? 
HW: Complete the following vocabulary cards: Douglas Macarthur, Korean War, McCarthyism, Eisenhower Doctrine, House Un-American Activities Committee, Interstate Highway Act, G.I. Bill, Baby Boom, suburbanization, Sputnik
Lesson #10 The Kennedy Presidency (5/13)

UG: What vision did John F. Kennedy have for the United States and the world? 
HW: Completed Guided Reading "Kennedy and the Cold War"
Lesson #11 The Cuban Missile Crisis Role Play Activity (5/14)

UG: How successfully did JFK handle the Cuban Missile Crisis?
HW: Finish Cold War Study Guide on pgs. 41-42
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