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The College Search
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Where to start? The College and Career Resource Center, of course. 

To help you research colleges, we have a vast collection of up-to-date books, catalogs,handouts and computers with internet access.

What's the best way to investigate a school?  Start on line and then if at all possible, try to visit the campus, especially when classes are in session.  Talk to students currently attending the college, take a tour and visit the admissions office and the department or programs of interest to you.

We also have regular meetings with college representatives who visit the College Connection to meet with potential students.  These meetings are another great way to help determine if a particular school is a good fit for you.

finding the Perfect College
finding the Perfect College

About 1/2 of all college students do not graduate. Why? Many picked the wrong college. They did not "think through" what they wanted so they didn't know what to look for.

The top factors to consider are:

1. Location- How far from home do you want to go? Do you care if you are in a city or in the country? 

2.Size- Will you be happiest in a college with 1500 students or one that has 20,000 students? 

3.Academics- Do you know what you want to major in? Do you care how large the classes are? Are internships or study abroad programs important to you? Do you want a "highly selective" college?

4.Cost- This is always going to be a big factor but keep you options open and don't eliminate any college until you see what your financial aid will be.

Your goal is to find colleges that are the the right "fit" for you

College Visit & Interview


Not all colleges are for all students. A visit is the best way to see if this is the right school for you.

Top 5 Things To Do

  1. Take a tour- You will see the campus & can ask the student guide about life on campus.
  2. Go to an information session or have an interview- this is your chance to learn about the college.
  3. Eat in the dining hall- Not only will you get to eat but also a chance to talk to students.
  4. Talk to faculty or coaches- Meet with a coach or a faculty member from your major. Also you can sit in on a class. The Admissions Office can set it up.
  5. Stay overnight- Admissions can arrange for a student to host you in the dorm. In most cases they will match you up with someone in your major, If you want to stay with a BHS alumnus the College Connection might be able to set it up.

Top 5 Things To Look For

  1. The Students- Can you relate to them? Would you like them for your classmates?
  2. Bulletin Board & Sidewalk Chalk Writings- It shows what going on.
  3. Condition of the Grounds and Buildings- Are they good or bad?
  4. Dorm Rooms- All dorm rooms are small; so don't let that turn you off.
  5. Where Students Hang out- Check it out.
Reach - Possible - Safety
 Deciding on where to apply is difficult. It will be helpful to organize your list into the following three sections.

1. Reach colleges- it will be a reach for you to be accepted in these. Although you might not be accepted if you apply, you definitely won't be accepted if you don't apply. So go for it!

2. Possible colleges- you have a good possibility of being accepted in these. This is the list that you should really pay attention to because the odds are you will be going to one of these. Have 2 or 3 on your list.

3. Safety colleges- you know you will be accepted into these: Make sure you have at least one safety on your list & make sure that you like it. You may end up going there.
College Reps and College Fairs


In the fall college representatives visit BHS to tell students about their college and to "check out" the next batch of potential students. This is a wonderful opportunity for you & your parents to learn about a college without even leaving home. But don't treat the visit too lightly - the rep that you meet at BHS might be the same person who will be deciding to accept or deny you into their college. 

Come,listen, ask questions and get material. After meeting with 3 or more reps you will be  surprise by how much you have learned.  Plan ahead by picking up a schedule at the College Connection or checking this website.DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! 


Want to speak to lots of colleges all in one place? You can at the Greater Binghamton College Fair which is held every October at the Broome County Arena. Many colleges will be there just wanting to give you information and talk to you about their college. Be organized tho'. Decide which colleges you want to see and have your questions ready.

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