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The Application Process
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Online Applications
 Steps for Online Applications
  1. Complete the application online and submit it to the college.
  2. Process your School Report: give Mrs. Tucker or Mrs. Boorom a stamped envelope addressed to the college. 
  3. Include the "School Report" form if the application had one.
  4. Request that your transcript be sent to the college.
  5. Follow the online directions for submitting recommendation letters, etc.
Paper Applications
  1. COPY:Make a copy of your application for your records.  It is very important for you to keep a copy!  You cannot make a copy in room A110.
  2. APPLICATION:  Take the completed application to the BHS Records Office, room B314.  Include your essay, resume and application fee or application fee waiver.  Put everything in an envelope (do NOT seal it) with the appropriate postage.  Give the application to Mrs. Tucker or Mrs. Boorom.  If the application is thick, do not fold it - use a large brown envelope.  Keep in mind that 3 - 4 more pieces of paper will be added before mailing.
  3. RECOMMENDATIONS:  Give the teacher/others who are writing applications for you at least two weeks' notice to write it.  Also, give them a stamped envelope addressed to the college.  If the application includes a "recommendation form," include it in the envelope.  The person can either send it directly to the college or bring it to room A110 to be added to your application.
  4. COUNSELOR:  Your transcript will be added to your application and then given to your guidance counselor.  Your counselor will add his/her recommendation and return it to room A110.  Mrs. Boorom or Mrs. Tucker will then mail it.
  5. MID-YEAR REPORTS:  These should also be turned into room A110 in a separate, stamped envelope addressed to the college.
SUNY Applications
You can apply to most SUNY colleges by going to SUNY.edu and applying online.
Request for Transcripts - A110
 Every college, including BCC and other community colleges require an official copy of your transcript. How do you do this? Easy - just take a stamped envelope,addressed to the college to BHS's record department in A110
Don't wait until the last minute!  The average turnaround time for an application to leave BHS is 7-10 days.  If you are concerned that a deadline might not be met, please alert the staff in our Records Office, room A110. 
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