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The Application
201381411591609_image.jpg image Tips for filling it out

Most applications are done online. It is very important that you fill it out correctly. Download the application and review it BEFORE YOU HIT THE SEND BUTTON. For those sections that you will send in on paper use whiteout for mistakes.

Answer questions in the space proved. Don't be lengthy. Make each section be new information to create a complete picture of yourself. START EARLY-GIVE YOURSELF TIME

Small and selective colleges- pride themselves on the personal touch. Your activities, work experience, essay and recommendations will really count. How you PRESENT YOURSELF (create a mental picture) is very important. They want to see that you...

    Have really investigated their college
    Have a serious interest in one or two areas
    Will offer something to their college
    Can do the work if accepted

Large colleges- Timing is most important. Get your application in early.

What colleges require- Each college has its own standards & procedures. They will ask you to send some or all of the following:
1. Courses                4. Essay
2. Grades  
               5. Activities
3. SAT/ACT            6. Recommendations
 You can't be accepted until you apply, So let's get those application in on time!
What do the Colleges want to see?
What do the Colleges want to see?

A Solid High School History

Colleges look at your transcript as documentation of your overall high school experience.

Did You Challenge Yourself?

Admissions experts like to see advanced placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and other more academically-rigorous courses included on your transcript.

Test Scores…But Not as Much as You Think 

SAT and ACT scores used to be the main decision factor when deciding the fates of hopeful students, but many schools are putting much less weight on standardized-test scores, if any at all, the experts claim.

Meaningful Extracurricular Activities 

Admissions officers want to see involvement in clubs, sports and community service that go beyond what is required by the high school to graduate.

Student standout in a pool of applicants if he or she can show leadership roles and activities that invest in a community.

An Essay from the Heart

The essay portion on a college application is the perfect opportunity to connect with the college on a more personal level.

When answering a prompt or question for your main essay(s), admissions officers are looking to see that you are likable and interesting.

While proper grammar is important, experts advise not to get carried away with your writing style and rely too heavily on thesaurus.

Strong Letters of Recommendation

Experts say that a letter from a counselor or teacher that really knows you and your scholastic capacity. Choose a teacher that has witnessed both your academic achievements and also your struggles with more.

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