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Reading in First Grade

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We use several different types of reading in a first grade classroom.  Students develop both reading and listening skills throughout all of the reading programs we use.  Students listen to reading, develop their reading skills at an instructional level and practice their skills at their independent level.   
Reading Street 
Reading Street is our core reading program.  We begin the year with a review of kindergarten skills. We spend several weeks reviewing letters, sounds and sight words. After the first few weeks of school, we begin the first grade curriculum. Reading Street is broken up into five different units. Each unit has 6 stories with specific skills assigned to each story. Your student will have 12 spelling words each week plus sight words and story words to practice. At the end of each story the students will take a story test and a spelling test. 

Guided Reading 
Guided Reading is what we work on in the classroom in small groups.  For guided reading, we use books that are a little bit harder than your child would see during independent reading time.  We use this time to work on reading strategies that help your child when they get to a word that is too hard.  You can use some of these strategies at home if a 100 Book Challenge book is too difficult for your child.
EngageNY ELA Modules 
The EngageNY ELA modules support listening comprehension.  The stories are read aloud to the students and then discussed in the classroom.
Woodrow Wilson

I pledge to be a kid of character. 
I will be worthy of trust.
I will be respectful and responsible,
doing what I must.
I will always act with fairness.
I will show that I care.  
I will be a good citizen and always do my share. 
Bullies are not welcome here.
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