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Welcome to Mrs. Paolini's PALS Website

My name is Mrs. Paolini and I have been teaching for 16 years. I LOVE teaching and coaching Volleyball! In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, going to
the gym, reading for pleasure and shopping! I teach a PALS 1 Class for K-2 level students.

This program prepares the students for living outside the home with support. They are taught life skills like dressing, hygiene, social skills, cooking, money and job skills. We hope to take field trips to get them more involved in the community.

Service Learning is a big part of our program!
Here is my wonderful family!
Class Expectations
We hope to accomplish these goals together!

Welcome to Mrs. Paolini's PALS Class Page. In the PALS I class, we work on several daily living skills. I want all the students to know how to tie, zip, button, snap and open all containers before graduating from PALS. Also, it is important to read, spell, recognize their first and last name. They must know their phone number and address too!

We work on several academics as well. It is important to learn to add and subtract single digits. Also they should recognize and state all numbers 1-30. They must be able to reocognize all letters and corresponding sounds.
Not only are we working on daily living skills but the new Common Core. In Math, we are working on the K Common Core and for ELA we are working on 1st Grade. We touch on the essence of the Common Core for K-3 though. 
I feel Service Learning and Job Skills are essential for these students. My class has started the Reclcling Club which takes care of all the recycling on the 2nd and 3rd Floor. We also deliver copies to teachers, run errands within the school and hope to start a Best Bagel Breakfast on Fridays. 
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