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There are three levels of physics offered at BHS, Regents Physics, AP Physics 1, and AP Physics 2. To the left in the navigation menu you will see links specifically for classes that I teach as well as various other websites that will be beneficial to your studies.

Studying physics requires steadfast dedication and hard work, but it is loads of fun too! In my classes you will be expected to be prepared and on time daily. The resources found here are meant to help you stay organized and keep up with the work. Among the most important lessons you will learn in your physics course will be time management. You should plan on spending several hours per week as you progress through this course.

In your journey you will learn about various topics to answer questions such as

"Why's the sky blue (except before sunset when it's red)?"

"If Earth's spinning us around the equator at 1,034 mph, why isn't there a ferocious wind in our face and why aren't we terribly dizzy?"

"How come it looks like there's water on a hot roadway in the summer?"

"Why is the best time of day to look for a rainbow during a rain shower?"

"When a wet towel snaps in midair, does it create a sonic boom?"

"A cat has a better chance of surviving a fall from a 20 story building than a 10 story building…how come?"


Discover the answers to many of your "how come" questions, as we gain a understanding of nature, the universe, and technology at the most fundamental scientific level. In a physics course, you will investigate topics such as: describing motion (Kinematics), analysis of the causes of motion and prediction of motion (Dynamics), Momentum & Energy, Thermal Properties and interactions of matter, Electricity & Magnetism, and Wave Phenomena, just to name a few. You will be exposed to various types of technology used in collecting real experimental data, as well as conduct a variety of experimental investigations to answer real questions about natural phenomena.

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