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Providing a rich environment for quality learning.

Be the district of choice and the benchmark for New York State

      Offer cutting-edge programs and opportunities for all students

               Promote a positive image of public education


  • Develop a plan to engage parents and community to support student achievement.
  • Develop an effective technology-based data system to inform curriculum and instruction and to evaluate instructional programs.
  • Implement all aspects of the high school restructuring plan and regularly monitor its progress.
  • Strive to achieve class sizes conducive to optimal achievement at all levels.
  • Assess staff needs and deliver appropriate professional development to improve student achievement. 
  • Continue to develop respect and understanding for cultural differences in students and staff throughout the district and to recruit a diverse staff. 
  • Continue to explore and expand International Baccalaureate programs pre-K through 12 to improve academic achievement.

  • We believe that all children can learn and are the focal point of our schools.
  • We believe that learning takes many forms and is enhanced in an atmosphere that stimulates creativity, self-awareness and divergent thinking.
  • Our mission is to assist children in developing comprehensive academic skills, thinking skills, a meaningful value system, pride in their accomplishments, a shared responsibility for learning, a respect for self as well as others, and a vocational direction that allows them to become responsible, productive members of a global society.
  • Binghamton City School District accepts this responsibility and provides educational opportunities that meet the needs of all our students.
  • Our curriculum addresses the intellectual development of children which proceeds in the primary grades from the logic of concrete operations and culminates with symbolic and abstract operations at the secondary level. This curriculum follows and supports the N.Y.S. syllabi and objectives and offers a variety of instructional and enrichment opportunities.
  • We provide a diverse extra-curriculum, co-curricular and interscholastic program that complements the curriculum in developing the total individual.
  • The organizational structure and climate of our schools promote both student and staff success. We recognize and provide for continuous staff development that supports effective education, and we firmly believe that teachers are essential for effective and affective learning to occur.
  • An optimum learning environment is created through respect, trust and cooperation. Moreover, administrative support of established educational policies and practices is essential to maintaining this positive learning environment.
  • The policies of our school district support the personal, social and physical development of students. Standards and rules that affect students are developed with cooperation and input from parents, students and staff.
  • We take the responsibility to inform parents/home of the kind of support the school requires from home. Parents are notified in a timely fashion concerning achievement, attendance and discipline.
  • Our policies encourage the close partnership among school, the students, the home and community. In addition to our goal of educating children, we provide opportunities for all residents to acquire intellectual, personal, social and physical skills.
  • The community is made aware of available educational programs sponsored by the district. We recognize and promote those values that support cooperation among community members, and foster a respect for human worth.
  • A comprehensive educational system includes the evaluation of staff, students and programs. The purpose of evaluation in the Binghamton City School District is to measure and enhance the growth of individuals in our schools.
  • We will periodically report to the community regarding the status of academic achievement and the accomplishment of our goals and objectives.
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