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Kindergarten Music

 Full Day Kindergarten students receive music instruction in a 40-minute session
once per 6 day cycle. Singing, playing instruments, moving to and
creating music enable children to acquire skills and knowledge that can be developed in
no other way.
  • Rhythm
Students will explore sounds with beat and no beat.
Students will echo and demonstrate a steady beat.
Students will demonstrate sound and no-sound on the steady beat.
  • Melody
Students will sing alone and/or with others.
Students will sing melodies with high, middle and low tones.
  • Form
Students will recognize patterns in music examples.
Students will recognize and demonstrate echoing.
  • Texture/Harmony
Students will be able to identify solo vs. group.
Students will be able to identify one sound vs. many sounds.
  • Expressive Qualities
Students will listen to songs with a variety of moods.
Students will be able to identify sensory elements using opposite terms such as fast/slow,
loud/soft, and long/short.
  • Movement
Students will create and perform a variety of movements that are gross
motor in nature.
  • Tone Color
Students will perform and listen to songs with a variety of musical
instruments and voices singing.
What's new in Kindergarten Music...

Music class this month has been focused on proper concert etiquette.  Students have been learning the "dos" and "don'ts" when they attend a performance.  We have also been singing some fun holiday songs such as "Listen to the Jingles" and "Whackey Old St. Nick" (this is the song with only three words).  Check out the links below for some dances and song videos that have become class favorites.
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