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Teaching is Core Grant
Over the next several months, a team of 45 teachers and administrators from Binghamton, Johnson City and Whitney Point school districts will collaborate to review, evaluate and modify or create dozens of assessments now used in their respective schools.
Using a $100,000 “Teaching Is The Core” grant from the New York State Education Department, these three districts will look at assessments currently being used in almost every content area and at every grade level to evaluate their usefulness in the classroom. Extensive professional development provided by renowned assessment authority Dr. Giselle Martin-Kniep, President of Learner Center Initiatives, will help teacher and administrator teams determine each assessment’s value based on authenticity, alignment with Common Core Standards, and relationship to other assessments in each district’s overall plan.
The purpose of this project is threefold: 1.) to reduce the number of redundant or irrelevant assessments; 2.) modify existing assessments to increase effectiveness; 3.) Create new assessments where gaps exist, and 4.) identify assessments that may be used across more than one discipline or content area. The results of this year-long effort will be posted on a number of state and local websites and shared with other districts statewide.
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