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Elementary Curriculum Information

Tonia Thompson, Director of Elementary Education

We believe that all children can learn and succeed.  Recognizing that children learn in different ways, our instructional approach utilizes a variety of strategies within the same core content.  We have developed an elementary curriculum that is aligned with NYS standards and helps students to develop the ability to learn and become independent thinkers.

Research consistently shows that a parent/guardian's interest and support are key motivators in a child's academic success.  We strongly encourage parents/guardians to be active in their child's schooling and to regularly monitor academic progress. 

At its best, education is a partnership between home, school and community.  By working together, we can help our children become responsible, healthy and successful citizens of the world.

For specific information on instruction within a grade level and content area, please refer to our District Curriculum Maps

Literacy Programs

One of the most significant ways our children develop their reading skills is through the 100 Book Challenge, an innovative program using 35,000 color-coded books geared to the student's individual reading level.  Binghamton is the only district in our area to offer this nationally-re known, highly successful program that encourages children to become lifelong readers.

Reading Street (© 2007 Scott Foresman) is designed to help teachers build readers through motivating and engaging literature, scientifically research-based instruction, and a wealth of reliable teaching tools. The program takes the guesswork out of differentiating instruction with a strong emphasis on ongoing progress-monitoring and an explicit plan to help with managing small groups of students. In addition, Reading Street prioritizes skill instruction at each grade level, so teachers can be assured they will focus on the right skill, at the right time, and for every student.

For first-graders who are having difficulties with reading, we offer the Reading Recovery program, which provides intensive, one-on-one instruction and intervention.

This program, offered in grades K-10, breaks down the writing process into six essential traits to help students improve their writing skills.

Investigations Math Program

Investigations is a K-5 mathematics curriculum used in all seven of our elementary schools.  The program is designed to help all children understand the fundamental ideas of number and operations, geometry, data, measurement and early algebra.

The Investigations curriculum focuses on grasping real-life mathematical concepts rather than rote memorization.  It emphasizes depth in mathematical thinking rather superficial exposure to a series of fragmented topics.

For more information on our mathematics curriculum, please click on the Investigations logo below:

Challenge Enrichment Program

Our Challenge Enrichment Program adds to the classroom experience for all K-8 students by providing rich and rigorous opportunities to extend the curriculum using conceptual themes, multimedia and integration of the arts.

Challenge teachers collaborate with our classroom teachers to develop and teach multi-disciplinary lessons that integrate the arts, technology, humanities and sciences.  The Challenge teacher consults with the classroom teacher on researching and designing differentiated lessons, organizing field trips, and integrating technology.

The Challenge Enrichment Program also provides direct instruction outside of the regular classroom, where identified students participate in in-depth explorations of grade-level themes and concepts.

For more information on our Challenge Enrichment Program, please click here.

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