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2018-2019 BCSD Budget Surveys
Budget Development Process for 2018-2019
The School Budget seeks to help realize the District Goals -
All students will have the necessary skills and self-direction to enter college or start a career.
All students will graduate.
The Binghamton City School District will embrace diversity in all of its forms.
The Binghamton City School District will provide safe and structure environments that ensure students' academic, social and emotional well-being.
All stakeholders will consistently communicate, collaborate and engage with each other.
maintaining and enhancing student opportunities and programs;
thinking long term planning and use of reserves; and,
proposing a fiscally sound budget with a responsible tax levy.
Overview of Budget Process 
Overview of budget process 

Fiscal Outlook 2018-2019
  • Health care costs have been lower than expected (through 1st half of year)
  • Additional staffing in the past few years was built into long range financial planning (sustainable)
  • NYS budget horizon showing significant deficit (Cuomo quoting “$4 billion deficit”)
  • Increase in District contribution to TRS and ERS for 2018-19
  • Special Education and alternative education placement costs are increasing
  • Substitute costs difficult to predict
Elementary Staffing Additions 2015-2018
RTI Coordinator
Elementary Assistant Principals (2)
Psychologists (2)
Elementary teachers (5)
Math Interventionists (9)
Reading teachers (3)
ENL teacher
Social worker
Fine Art teachers (2)
Teaching assistants (3)
DSS caseworkers (6)
 Middle/High School Staffing Additions 2015-2018
Social worker (2) – to have full time in each middle school and 2 at HS
Department Chairs (4)
IB Coordinator
Guidance Counselor (BHS)
Administrator – Asst. Principal (West) & Carlisle
Youth Development workers (East and West)
Special Education program aides (3-East 3 West)
World Language teacher – Arabic
Dance teacher
5 Safety Officers
District Staffing Additions 2015-2018
Challenge teacher (2)
Physical Education teacher
Mentor Coordinator
Hearing officer (Coughlin & Gerhart)
Home Visitor
Head Groundskeeper
Custodians (2)

Begin to Build the 3-Part Budget in Jan. and Feb.
Administrative (Contains fiscal resources to provide necessary support for district functions. Includes all expenses for Board of Education, superintendent, business office, auditor, legal services, personnel office, central printing and mailing, property and casualty insurance, BOCES administrative share and supervision of instruction.)

Program (Contains fiscal resources intended to provide every student with educational experiences to foster full development of his/her potential.  Includes salaries and benefits of all instructional personnel and programs; BOCES instructional programs; all transportation operating expenses; and professional development.)

Capital Components (Contains fiscal resources intended to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for students, staff and community.  Includes Debt Service, and lease expenditures; costs of construction, acquisition, reconstruction, rehabilitation or improvement of school buildings; utilities; and all personnel, benefits, equipment, supplies and materials necessary for the operation and maintenance of district facilities.)
Register to Vote
Register to Vote

Qualifications:  To vote in the school election, you must be:

1.  A citizen of the United States;
2.  18 years of age or older on
     the date of the election;
3.  A resident of the school
    district for at least 30 days
    prior to the election;
4.  A registered voter

To register to vote, contact:

BC Board of Elections
County Office Building
44 Hawley Street, 2nd Floor
Binghamton, NY

Phone:  (607) 778-2172
Hours:   8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

NOTE:  You are considered registered to vote if you were registered to vote in the last general election, or you are registered under permanent personal registration.
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