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2013- 2016 Board of Education Goals

Focus 1:  Teaching and Learning
To ensure all students have equal access to rigorous, high quality curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core Standards and delivered through challenging instruction.


Focus 2:  Alternative Education Programs

To ensure students placed in alternative programs make adequate yearly progress (Including BOCES programs, Twilight program, etc.)


Focus 3:  Highly Effective Teachers and Leaders

To ensure continuous improvement of administrators and teachers through performance evaluation.


Focus 4:  Parent/Community Engagement & Ownership

To create and implement communication methods that ensure families and the community are genuine partners.


Focus 5:  School Climate and Safety

To ensure all students experience a safe and positive school climate that welcomes and actively engages all families.


Focus 6:  Facility Maintenance

To upgrade and maintain attractive, safe and accessible facilities that promote sustainability.


Focus 7:  Fiscal

To align district resources in the attainment of high levels of student achievement and instructional excellence.
~Adopted 6/18/2013
~Reviewed 7/1/2014
~Reviewed 7/7/2015
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