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2nd Grade Music

Second-graders will continue to work on developing their understanding of pitch, melody and rhythm by singing, playing instruments and exploring creative movement. Through these activities students will develop an understanding of the artistic, cultural, scientific and mathematical foundations of music.


Second-graders typically sing traditional and folk songs. Many songs will be connected to holidays or themes that your child is learning in class. Your child will sing alone and in a group, learning to blend their voice with others and sing in rounds. Students will sing expressively, on pitch (high and low) and with correct dynamics (loud and soft). Students will sings an increasing number of songs from memory and with improved accuracy.

Playing and listening to instruments

Second-graders can begin to play the rhythm of the words in a song. You can also expect your child to work with rhythm to find the steady beat. Students will be able to maintain the beat while playing instruments alone and in a group.

Moving to music

Your child will get many opportunities to move to music. Students may invent hand and body movements to accompany songs, showing their understanding of rhythm and the mood of the music.

Learning the vocabulary

Second-graders use the vocabulary of music, learning terms such as tempo, melody, echo, solo, beat, form and dynamics. They also learn to understand how music communicates feelings. Your child will use words such as happy, sad, excited or scary to describe the emotions portrayed in music.

Learning Notes

You can expect your child to learn to read and write simple rhythm patterns. "Second-graders can also begin to notate simple melodies," Bakeman explains. "For example, songs with a limited number of pitches (two or three works best) can be notated on a two- or three-line staff, showing high, middle and low pitches."
What's new in 2nd Grade music...

During music class we have been focusing on proper concert etiquette.  Students have been learning how to act during a performance.  Check out the video below to review concert etiquette rules with your child.  
We have also begun to read simple rhythms featuring quarter note, quarter rests and eighth rests.  We sang the song "Polar Puppy" and came up with a simple four beat rhythm to go with it.
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